mDairy Mobile Application

• Tech4Ag through its mDairy digital platform, provides dairy farmers with online and offline information about best dairy practices, as well as record keeping of the milk, and the health of their cows via their mobile phones (SMS, Chabot, APP, IVR).

• With our mDairy kit, we help the farmers with basic materials such as soap, milk sensor, clean towel, hand sanitizer and a mineral lick, together with information on how to use them.

• mDairy also offers surveys, analytics and reporting’s to Dairy companies, Donors, Researchers and Government to enhance program planning, interventions and inform decision making of our farmers.


• Data Collection, Survey & Management Services: Tech4ag Limited provides quantitative and qualitative data collection services, data analysis, monitoring and evaluation and project management in Africa.

• Quantitative & Qualitative Surveys: We have expertise in large scale quantitative data collection focus group discussions across states in Nigeria. We do this in collaboration with partners in Universities and Research Institutions in the 6 geopolitical zones of the country. We are experienced in the use of paper survey tool and the use of mobile applications like kobo toolbox, ODK collect and ONA. We also ensure the privacy of the respondents.

• Quality control: We extensively pretests surveys to improve the flow and in order to reduce possible of errors and put measures in place to ensure data quality assurance. As part of our quality checks, we use GPS coordinates, audio and video recordings, as well as extensive back-check procedures.

• Language: Both our applications and surveys are captured in English, Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo and Fulfulde to ensure all our respondents can understand the questions. Our translation support ensures that the materials accurately capture the intended meaning of the respondents..

• Ethical approval: We are experienced in ethical clearance from academic and/or government Institutional Review Boards (IRB) for human subject’s research work and surveys.

• Data collection: Our enumerators are trained to collect the highest-level data quality possible and can go to the field at short notice.

Training and Seminars

We provide technical assistance and conduct several capacity development trainings on the effective use of our digital tools, research (quantitative and qualitative), data collection and analysis. In addition, We also organize symposiums, seminars or conferences to help disseminate research findings and drive critical conversations, dialogue and debate around issues we care so much about to set the agenda, engage policymakers, enhance evidence uptake, and influence policy decisions at the local, national, regional and international level.